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what is reolì

A revolution in the world of food fats


What is Reolì

Extravirgin oil or sunflower oil cream

A new and revolutionary ingredient for the food industry, the pastry laboratories and for the final consumer

A real substituted for butter, 100% vegetable, cholesterol-free, lighter, with the taste and beneficial properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and with a higher yield of use in dough (15-20% less).

Extravirgin line   Sunflower line

olives used for reolì spreadable oil

Line Extravirgin

All the goodness and taste of EVO oil in spreadable form

The Reolì Extra virgin olive product line is made from extra virgin olive oil, of which it preserves all the recognized beneficial characteristics such as few saturated fats, the natural absence of lactose and animal cholesterol the richness of polyphenols and antioxidant substances. Perfect to use in recipes or to spread on bread.

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Line Sunflower

Il gusto delicato dell’olio dei semi di girasole

The delicacy and the unmistakable taste of sunflower oil in spreadable form with Reolì Sunflower, a product with excellent nutritious qualities, to be used in your dishes to replace vegetable or animal fats, to give each recipe fragrance and delicacy.

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sunflower used for reolì spreadable oil

the genuine alternative to butter and margarine

Spreadable and workable like butter, but without cholesterol

  • no cholesterol
  • no carbohydrates
  • no sugars

More information

*free from

*free from

*free from

free from

free from

free from

without oil

without fats

*Reolì is naturally free from gluten, lactose and cholesterol

A revolution in the world of dietary fats

like butter, but with the taste and benefits of EVO oil

Reolì creams can replace butter and margarines, from which they inherit its versatility in kitchen but with the advantage of not having saturated fats tipical of this products.

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You can Reolì in the same way you use butter or margarines

The mechanical properties of Reolì products are identical to butter and margarine, so they can be used in the same way. In any preparation where is necessary the use of butter or margarine you can to use Reolì

Why prefer Reolì to butter, lard and margarines

There are many advantages to using Reolì instead of butter, margarine and other vegetable fats: Reolì is 100% vegetable and contains significantly less saturated fat. Moreover, Reolì products preserve the beneficial characteristics of the used oils.

The advantages

a spoon of reolì spreadable oil

Use Reolì in place of butter, lard and margarines

The advantages of Reolì compared to butter, lard and margarine


  • Naturally without cholesterol

    Reolì products do not naturally contain animal cholesterol.

  • Without palm oil

    Reolì products do not contain oil or derived from palm oil

  • Without hydrogenated fats

    Reolì products do not contain hydrogenated fats

  • Lower presence of saturated fats

    Contains saturated fats in significantly smaller quantities than butter and many margarines

  • GMO Free

    Reolì products are totally GMO-free

  • 100% vegetable

    Reolì products are 100% vegetable and are certified for consumption by vegans and vegetarians

Butter, lard and margarines

  • contains cholesterol

    Butter and lard contain animal cholesterol

  • Contains palm oil

    Non-hydrogenated margarines often contain oil or palm oil derivatives

  • They contain hydrogenated fats

    Hydrogenated margarines contain hydrogenated fats

  • High content of saturated fats

    Butter, lard and margarine can have a high saturated fat content

  • Presence of GMOs

    Different vegetable fats present on the market have GMOs

Vegan certified

Reolì are for vegetarians, vegans and for who suffer food intolerances

100% Vegetable and vegan certified

Reolì products are 100% vegetable and certified for consumption by vegetarians and vegans

100% vegetable mark

100% vegetable

Reolì products are 100% vegetable, free of foods capable of causing food intolerances such as lactose or gluten.

Reolì products are ICEA Vegan certified

Vegan product

Reolì products are certified ICEA 053 VEG and are therefore suitable for consumption by vegetarians and vegans

Use Reolì products in kitchen

The use of Reolì products in kitchen

a precious ally in the kitchen

The Reolì creams lend themselves to a great variety of uses in the kitchen: for the realization of sweets (fresh or dried), cakes (salted) and for many other uses. One of mot remarkable characters of Reolì is the great versatility.

The Reolì products are versatile and lend themselves to a great variety of uses in the kitchen: to the creaming, for the garnish of meat and fish, for the realization of sweets (fresh or dried), cakes (salted) and for many other uses. Any way you want to use it, Reolì will always give a significant contribution to each dish in terms of taste, fragrance and lightness.

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Croissants made with Reolì Sunflower spreadable oil
Cookies made with reolì extravirgin spreadable oil

An all italian product

Born and patented from Italian university research

Born and patented from Italian university research

Reolì is produced with an innovative process, studied and patented by the University of Calabria. The process preserves the characteristics of the ingredients that make it up, ie extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil.

More information

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