A revolution in the world of food fats

Reolì products are 100% vegetable extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil spreadable creams

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a spoon of reolì spreadable oil

Reolì products are patented Reolì products are BRC Food certified Reolì products are ice vegan certified


Reolì products

A revolution in the world of food fats

Reolì spreads have properties, appearance and versatility similar to butter and margarine, which they can replace in any type of preparation, with the advantage of not having derivatives of animal origin and being suitable for a balanced diet, for vegetarian and vegan diets and for the people intolerant to lactose or gluten.

For professionals and Food Industry   For consumers

Reolì products are ice vegan certified Reolì products are lactose free Reolì products are sugar free Reolì products are cholesterol free Reolì products are gluten free Reolì products are GMOs free Reolì products are hydrogenated free

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chef who uses reolì products

Reolì products for professionals and food industry

professional and industry

Sostituiscono tutti i grassi vegetali ed animali, presentando vantaggi nutrizionali e, nel caso, organolettici

Reolì creams can be used as base ingredients in all food preparations that required high and medium consistency fats.

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Reolì products for consumers


A good alternative to butter, with no cholesterol and lower saturated fats

Reolì cream is a real substituted for butter, 100% vegetable, cholesterol-free, lighter, with the taste and beneficial properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or with the lightness and fragrance of Sunflower oil.

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reolì product line for consumers

the genuine alternative to butter and margarine

Spreadable and workable like butter, but without cholesterol

The same use of butter, but lighter and more balanced

  • No cholesterol
  • No carbohydrates
  • No sugars

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100% vegetable products

Reolì is 100% vegetable

Reolì products are 100% vegetable

Reolì in naturally free from

  • gluten
  • ccholesterol
  • lactose
Reolì products are 100% vegetable

It is also

  • Without palm oil
  • Without hydrogenated fats
  • without added flavorings
  • without food colorants
  • without GMOs
idea vegan 053 certified products

Vegan certified

Icea vegan certification

Reolì products are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

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Reolì spread on bread for a perfect vegan snack

what is reolì

an innovation in the food fat market


For who is it Reolì

for consumers attentive to nutritional quality and sensitive to environmental sustainability


how to use reolì

how to use Reolì products in the kitchen


recipes with reolì

Discover a world of light and tasty recipes

Reolì products are ideal for the preparation of sweet and savory pies, in risotto creaming, to season pasta, for pan-fried meat and vegetables or for simple fried eggs.

picture of recipePeschemade withReolì Extravergine

desserts Reolì Extravergine


uno dei dolci più amati realizzato con Reolì Extravergine


picture of recipeCrostata al limonemade withReolì Extravergine

Customers recipes Reolì Extravergine

Crostata al limone

Un dolce fresco e leggero, altamente digeribile


picture of recipeReolì Creammade withReolì Girasole

Customers recipes Reolì Girasole

Reolì Cream

Crema senza burro per stuccare dolci


picture of recipeFiore di pan brioche alla nutellamade withReolì Extravergine

Customers recipes Reolì Extravergine

Fiore di pan brioche alla nutella

Un dolce dall’impasto leggero e digeribile senza grassi dannosi per la salute che piacerà a grandi e piccini


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active projects


Reolì is involved in "FAT FOR FIT" POR project with R&DCal, Assoproli Calabria Società Cooperativa Arl, and DIMES department from Università della Calabria.

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