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Reolì spreads are 100% vegetable products made from extra virgin olive oil or sunflower seeds oil, with the addition of cocoa butter.

They do not contain:

animal lactose and cholesterol (like butter)
oil or palm stearin (as in non-hydrogenated margarines)
vegetable oils high in saturated fats (coconut oil)
GMO (as in the vegetable fats present on the market: mélange, fats and blends of fat spreads)
hydrogenated fats (as in the hydrogenated margarines)
chemical additives that could alter the chemical composition of the oils treated.

They have mechanical properties, appearance and versatility similar to cow milk butter or vegetable margarines and can, therefore, be employed as their alternative or substitute. For their simple composition they are suitable for a balanced diet, vegetarian or vegan, and they do not contain substances that can cause intolerances like lactose.

Reolì Extra Virgin Olive and Reolì Sunflower are emulsified with water and have a total content of 60% of oil and a final content of 79% of fats.

The products are available in trays of 200 gr., and can be used for the preparation of several types of dishes (pies and cakes, creams, risotto, pasta etc.) to which they give excellent final characteristics in terms of flavor and texture and a unique taste that is typical of the oil used.

Reolì Extra Virgin Olive and Reolì Sunflower are also available in anhydrous form, in Bag in Box of 20 Kg, suitable for use in various industrial and handcrafted sectors:

Confectionery (production of biscuits, pastries, cakes, pies, sweets, croissants, puff pastry, choux pastry, sponge cake, etc.);
Chocolate Confectionery (production of sweet snacks, spreads, etc.);
Bakery (production of savory snacks, biscuits, sliced bread, tortillas, crackers, bagels, biscuits, pizza etc.);
Ice cream and frozen foods;
Semifinished products (vegetable creams, etc.);
Fresh pasta.